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        3D行政區域-源代碼示例 運行 重置

                                                                    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <meta charset='UTF-8'/>
            <meta name='viewport' content='initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no'/>
            <link  rel='stylesheet'/>
            <script src='http://bigemap.com:9000/bigemap-gl.js/v1.1.0/bigemap-gl.js'></script>
                body {
                    margin: 0;
                    padding: 0;
                #container {
                    position: absolute;
                    top: 0;
                    bottom: 0;
                    width: 100%;
        <div id='container'></div>
                bmgl.Config.HTTP_URL = 'http://bigemap.com:9000';
            var viewer = new bmgl.Viewer('container', {
            var promise = bmgl.GeoJsonDataSource.load('/Public/offline/chad/510000.geojson');
            promise.then(function(dataSource) {
                //Get the array of entities
                var entities = dataSource.entities.values;
                var colorHash = {};
                for (var i = 0; i < entities.length; i++) {
                    //For each entity, create a random color based on the state name.
                    //Some states have multiple entities, so we store the color in a
                    //hash so that we use the same color for the entire state.
                    var entity = entities[i];
                    var name = entity.name;
                    var color = colorHash[name];
                    if (!color) {
                        color = bmgl.Color.fromRandom({
                        colorHash[name] = color;
                    //Set the polygon material to our random color.
                    entity.polygon.material = color;
                    //Remove the outlines.
                    entity.polygon.outline = false;
                    //Extrude the polygon based on the state's population.  Each entity
                    //stores the properties for the GeoJSON feature it was created from
                    //Since the population is a huge number, we divide by 50.
                    entity.polygon.extrudedHeight = Math.floor(Math.random()*60000+10000);
                    destination: bmgl.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(98.435314, 19.960521, 1500000.0), // 設置位置
                    orientation: {
                      heading: bmgl.Math.toRadians(20.0), // 方向
                      pitch: bmgl.Math.toRadians(-50.0),// 傾斜角度
                      roll: bmgl.Math.toRadians(-20.0)
                //Display any errrors encountered while loading.